100 Things to do Before You Die

Imagine being able to say at the end of your life’s journey: “Wow, what a ride!” And what better way to have a fulfilling, adventurous life than by creating a bucket list, and taking the necessary steps to cross off each item on your list? When most people think of a life list, they think of things such as the following:

  • “Climb the Eiffel Tower”
  • “Go to Carnival at Rio de Janeiro”
  • “Swim with Sharks”
  • “Go To the Super Bowl”

Although you should definitely include travel on your life list—if seeing the world, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures is something that interests you–, as well as including all of the different adventures you would like to go on, you should also take the time to decide what you want to accomplish in each area of your life. This includes areas such as the following:

  • Work: Starting a profitable, location-independent business doing what you love; finding work that gives you a sense of fulfillment; being among the best in the world in your field.

  • Family: Finding and marrying the love of your life; having a healthy, happy child; spending lots of quality time with your spouse.
  • Health: Having the energy and strength to do everything you want; to look and feel fit; to age well.
  • Contributions: Spending a year abroad with the Peace Corps; volunteering at a homeless shelter; mentoring a disadvantaged youth.
  • Finances: Having a million dollar investment portfolio; having multiple sources of passive income; having enough money to be able to finance your life goals.
  • Personal Development: Having the ability to hit the “pause button” and choosing your attitude in any situation; learning to forgive; having a happiness project.

Creating and achieving your life list is about deciding what you really want-which means setting goals–, as well as planning, budgeting, and then taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. The last part, taking action, includes incorporating habits and routines into your daily life which will help you to gradually mold your life into a work of art that is uniquely yours.

Do you dream of being a bestselling novelist? How about going on safari? Or going camel trekking in the Sinai desert? How about making a difference in someone’s life?

Maybe You Want To . . .

    1. Invent a board game.2. Do stand-up comedy.3. Attend Loy Krathong in Thailand.4. Go camping.5. Ride a gondola in Venice.6. Learn to salsa dance.7. Host Saturday Night Live.8. Visit a Renaissance fair.9. Find your life’s passion.10. Witness an eclipse.

“Find the joy in your life.

Two Questions

When you die you’re asked two questions, and your answers determine whether or not you’ll get into heaven:

1. Have you found joy in life?

2. Has your life brought joy to others?

What do you want to do before you “kick the bucket”?

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(Photo above from here.)

Are there any sports you want to try? Any athletic milestones you want to reach?

Walking/Running/Jogging List

Sports to Try Before You Die

11. Run a 5k.

12. Run a 10k.

13. Run a half-marathon.

14. Complete a marathon.

15. Run the Boston Marathon.

16. Run the Honolulu Marathon.

17. Run the London marathon.

18. Join the 50 States Marathon Club and run a marathon in all 50 states.

19. Become a triathlete (participate in endurance events consisting of swimming, cycling, and running).

20. Complete the Ironman Triathlon.

21. Walk across the Simpson desert in Australia.

22. Complete an American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.

23. Hike the Appalachian Trail.

(Marathon de New York : Verrazano Bridge courtesy of Martineric.)

Just like you never know what the next step in a marathon will bring, so too, you never know what will happen next in life. But if you don’t keep going, you’re never going to find out. By staying relaxed, centered, and positive you handle just about anything that comes your way.”

Why run a marathon? 

  • Because it’s there (as George Mallory would say).
  • It provides a clear objective to strive for and I’ll become healthier along the way.
  • The discipline required to run a marathon will spill over to other areas of my life.
  • To develop more self-confidence.
  • Because of the feeling of accomplishment that I’ll feel once I cross that finish line.
  • To test my mental and physical strength.
  • To help raise money for a good cause.
  • Because I love running.
  • To be part of the elite group of people who have finished a marathon.
  • Because of the feeling of anticipation created by having an event set on a specific date to look forward to.

Your Cycling and Other Wheel Sports List

24. Learn to ride a bike efficiently and safely.

25. Bike through National Geographic’s 10 Best Bike Trails in the World.

26. Take a bike tour through wine country.

27. Ride a unicycle.

28. Go mountain biking.

29. Enter a bike race.

30. Participate in the Tour de France.

31. Ride a bicycle from Los Angeles to New York.

32. Learn to rollerblade.

33. Learn to ride a skateboard.

34. Learn to do a “wheelie” on your skateboard, and other tricks.

35. Learn to skateboard on ramps.

Boating List

36. Go canoeing.

37. Go kayaking.

38. Go sailing.

39. Participate in a regatta (boat race).

40. Go windsurfing.

41. Drive a speedboat.

42. Ride a jet ski.

43. Go water skiing.

44. Go water skiing barefoot.

45. Go tubing.

46. Ride an ice boat.

(Matt on Shrek courtesy of andy_c)

(Zillow Water Skiing is courtesy of evocateur).

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” Arnold Palmer”

Golf List 

Sports to Try Before You Die

47. Learn to play golf.

48. Make a hole in one.

49. Play golf in all 50 states.

50. Play golf with Jack Nicklaus.

51. Play St. Andrews.

52. Play Pebble Beach.

53. Go golfing at each of the 100 Best Major Golf Courses in the World.

54. Strive for a birdie, an eagle, an albatross, or even the mythical condor.

(Golf Club Against Ball is courtesy of kulicki).

Racket Sports List

55. Learn to play tennis.

56. Perfect your serve.

57. Play doubles.

58. Enter a tennis tournament.

59. Compete at Wimbledon.

60. Learn to play squash.

61. Learn to play racquet ball.

62. Learn to play badminton.

Team Sports List

Choose one of the team sports below and resolve to excel at it, maybe even play professionally. Or, just get a group of friends together and play for fun.

63. Baseball.

64. Softball.

65. Basketball.

66. Football.

67. Soccer.

68. Lacrosse.

69. Field Hockey.

70. Ice Hockey.

71. Polo.

72. Volleyball.

73. Cricket.

74. Rugby.

75. Join a rowing club.

Fishing List

76. Take up fishing.

77. Learn to bait your fishing hook.

78. Take up fly-fishing.

79. Go deep sea fishing.

80. Go ice fishing.

81. Fish in the Florida Keys.

82. Fish for the Alaska Silver Salmon.

83. Catch a sailfish.

84. Participate in the White Marlin Open.

85. Win a fishing tournament.

86. Go on a week-long fishing trip.

Hunting List

87. Go deer hunting.

88. Go duck hunting.

89. Go alligator hunting.

90. Hunt grouse in Scotland.

91. Go bear hunting.

Bowling Bucket List

92. Learn to bowl.

93. Bowl a strike.

94. Join a bowling league.

95. Play in a bowling tournament.

(Aggie Women’s Tennis – 38 is courtesy of StuSeeger).

(Beach Volleyball courtesy of timypenburg.)

(Gone Fishing courtesy of magnoid.)

(Bowling is courtesy of ginnerobot)

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” Winston Churchill”

Horseback Riding List 

96. Take horseback riding lessons.

97. Go horseback riding along the beach.

98. Learn to jump on horseback.

99. Participate in a show jumping competition.

100. Go horseback riding in Central Park, New York.

101. Descend into the Bryce Canyon (Utah) on horseback.

102. Ride a horse without a saddle.

Snow and Winter Sports List

103. Learn to ski.

104. Learn to ski jump.

105. Ski the Alps.

106. Ski the Andes.

107. Go heli-skiing.

108. Ski at St. Moritz.

109. Ski in Vail, Colorado.

110. Ski at the top ten ski resorts in the world.

111. Complete a cross-country ski race.

112. Go snowboarding.

113. Go sledding.

114. Go snowmobiling.

115. Learn how to ice skate

116. Learn to figure skate.

Swimming List

117. Learn to swim.

118. Swim in all of the Great Lakes.

119. Swim in the ocean.

120. Learn to high dive.

121. Participate in a swimming race.

122. Get certified as a lifeguard.

123. Swim across the English Channel.

124. Swim from Asia to Europe across the Bosporus Strait.

(Two Equestrian Riders is courtesy of mikebaird.)

(Zillow Water Skiing is courtesy of evocateur)

(Ibiza Swimming)

Martial Arts List 

125. Karate

126. Become a black belt in karate.

127. Kung Fu

128. Jujitsu

129. Tae Kwon Do

130. Judo

131. Aikido

Combat Sports List

132. Try fencing.

133. Learn archery.

134. Go to a shooting range.

135. Learn to fire a rifle.

136. Learn boxing.

137. Spar a professional boxer.

138. Learn wrestling techniques.

139. Take a basic self-defense class.

(Karate training is courtesy of Genista)

(On the fence by Time stands still)

Imagine waking up each morning to a life that’s centered around your life goals, instead of trying to fit what’s most important to you into the nooks and crannies. 

Martial Arts After 40 

“You’ll be on your way up!

You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the high fliers

who soar to high heights.”

Dr. Seuss

Your Languages List

What languages would like to learn?

Languages to Learn Before You Die 

140. Become fluent in French.

141. Learn conversational Spanish.

142. Be able to read German at an 8th grade level.

143. Learn four European languages.

144. Learn the Arabic alphabet.

145. Learn to say “hello” in 50 languages.

146. Learn 100 basic ASL (American Sign Language) signs.

147. Learn fluent ASL.

148. Learn Mandarin.

149. Learn Latin.

150. Choose a country and learn not only the language that is spoken there, but also study its customs, its cuisine, its art, and its history.

151. Learn enough Italian to be able to understand Opera.

152. Learn your grandparents’ native tongue.

153. Become a United Nations Interpreter.

154. Teach English in a foreign country.

155. Learn Esperanto (constructed language meant to serve as a universal second language to foster peace and international understanding).

156. Learn to interpret body language.

157. Learn to pray in Hebrew.

(hand’s language is courtesy of dare6).

Music, Song, and Dance List

Let the music out.

Your Music List 

Musical Instruments List

158. Learn to play the harmonica.

159. Learn to play piano by ear.

160. Learn to play the drums.

161. Learn to play your favorite song on the guitar.

162. Learn to play three brass instruments.

163. Play in an orchestra.

164. Conduct an orchestra.

165. Form a band.

166. Join a string quartet.

167. Perform as a street musician.

168. Learn to play an obscure musical instrument, such as The Hang.

169. Teach a child to play a musical instrument.

Singing List

170. Take singing lessons.

171. Learn to yodel.

172. Compose a song.

173. Sing karaoke.

174. Sing the national anthem in front of a large crowd.

175. Release an album.

176. Join the church choir.

177. Learn to sing opera.

178. Join a barbershop harmony quartet.

179. Sing a duet with your favorite singer.

Music to Listen to List

180. Go to the Havana International Jazz Festival.

181. Go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

182. Go to a real blues bar in Chicago.

183. Go to a jazz club in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

184. Hear Joshua Bell play the violin.

185. Hear Andrea Bocelli sing opera in Milan.

186. Listen to your favorite band play in concert.

187. Own every album Il Divo has put out.

188. Listen to every piece composed by Frederic Chopin.

189. Listen to the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall in the Lincoln Center.

(Enjoying the moment by notsogoodphotography)

(Karaoke star is courtesy of derekgavey)

(Andrea Bocelli in Concert is courtesy of souran5)

190. Cross Items Off the Jazz Bucket List 

The Jazz Bucket List
Forty jazz-related things to do before you die.

“And the night shall be filled with music,

And the cares that infest the day

Shall fold their tents like the Arabs

And as silently steal away.”

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Day Is Done

191. Build a Classical Music Library 

When eminent biologist and author Lewis Thomas was asked what message he would choose to send from Earth into outer space in the Voyager spacecraft, he answered, “I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach.” After a pause, he added, “But that would be boasting.”

Classical music is definitely among the finer things humanity has to offer. Why not add “build a music library” to your bucket list?

“Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Dances to Try Before You Die 

Your Dance Bucket List

Take dance lessons for:

192. Rhumba

193. Merengue

194. Cha-cha-cha

195. Tango

196. Ballroom

197. Waltz

198. Foxtrot

199. Belly Dance

200. Ballet

201. Tap Dance

202. Hip hop

203. Flamenco

204. Square Dancing

205. Jitterbug

206. Irish Stepdance

207. Krumping

208. Hula (Hawaiian dance)

209. Samba. Samba is a fun, lively, rhythmic dance which originated in Brazil. Although in some countries Samba evolved into a partner dance–in fact, it was standardized as a ballroom dance in 1956– in Brazil, Samba remains a solo form. It’s danced at street festivals and parades, most notably during Carnival season.

(Passionate tango by vince alongi)

“A life list is a set of goals that you set for yourself covering all the different areas of your life. It’s meant to ensure that you decide who you want to be, and what you want to do and have in life, and that you take the necessary action to accomplish these things.”

— Marelisa Fabrega

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